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Radio Sonora
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Sonora Radio is a radio station in Indonesia , based in Jakarta, with a frequency of 92.0 FM. As a commitment to realize the vision of a radio information and entertainment the most attractive to listeners and advertisers as well as to anticipate the changes that occur in society. Established in Jakarta on August 8, 1972, mengujudkan ideals (late) PK Ojong , founder of Compass with Jakob Oetama - making multimedia. Starting May 1, 2006, SONORA launched Logo, order of events and new programs. Display broadcaster, familiarity and confidence in the variety of information presented, allows the community to recognize the uniqueness through the announcer sounds, like the sound man Eddie Dipo, Sister Susan, etc.. The specificity of the information is a matter of Traffic. Before the reform of '98 - Sonora only one radio in Jakarta that presents music and information (not to be news, because the news only RRI product). When Malari case, case by case the Gulf War in May '98, much of the information that a credential Sonora Jakarta residents. Even when riots in May '98, as Jakarta blind information - radio is the only media audio requested Government and Army - are in the air non-stop. After the reforms underway, lots of radio broadcasts made formats such as Sonora, namely: no music, no information, no news, no talk shows, no coverage, no report / broadcast from outside the studio, there foxpop. The key to success is a matter siarnya Sonora useful, trustworthy to sahihannya and presented without patronizing (whatever they are). When a Radio Network, which includes: Salvatore Sonora Surabaya, Yogyakarta Bikima Sonora, Sonora Atmajaya Palembang, Pinang Kuala Sonora, Sonora Bornera Pontianak, Semarang Mercy Sonora, Sonora Ria Solo, Bandung Raka Sonora. Also included are existing porch FM in Banda Aceh, Banjarmasin Bpost FM, FM Garantung Palangkaraya, Sonora Sumasli Navan, and Bhaskara Kalimaya Malang.
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