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Sariwon - Thornhill, Canada
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Sariwon uses better ingredients than other Korean BBQ houses, with the resulting uptick in results. Of the various options for the centrepiece of one's BBQ, I go for the beef short ribs, which the server cooks for you here, on the grill in your table. The meat has been nicely marinated in sugar and soy for well balanced flavour, and they grill it with garlic, onions and mushrooms. Because the servers tend not to speak English, I've never been able to determine when you're supposed to eat the spicy tomato soup which appears with everything else. Diners who prefer not to have their taste buds singed may choose to ignore the soup. It's not as if one runs the risk of going hungry at Sariwon, thanks to the 16 different pickles and veg that come with your BBQ. Your modus operandi is to dip the cooked meat in sauce, add a garnish or two (e.g. marinated onion and carrot shreds), roll it up in lettuce leaf and eat the wonderful package. The BBQ dinner is more than enough food, but I always find the seafood pancake (really a frittata) impossible to resist; and becs fins like myself who completely lack moral fortitude when it comes to deep-fried indulgence may have to order the kham poong gi as well: batter-fried chicken in sweet hot sauce.
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